eCigarette (not iCigarette… it’s electronic, not virtual)

May 11, 2007 at 2:50 pm (Cool News)

ecigarette.jpgI saw this on digg.  It’s called eCigarette.  It’s an eCig because it’s electronic. It’s a small nicotine inhaler, disguised as a working cigarette. It delivers the needed amounts of nicotine, but without the tar or smoke.  When you breathe in it pushes thick steam in your mouth, so you have something ‘tangible’ to inhale and to exhale.  Even people who are trying to give up smoking and are treating their addiction with gum or plasters feel the need to smoke, because they’ve become addicted to this activity and its effects.  This might actually help.  It caught on in China.



  1. eCigarette said,

    The ecigarette does work…or at least did for me. I got mine from and it works great. I started with the high nicotine and have since moved down to the medium level. It acts a lot like a regular cigarette, but no smell or toxins.

  2. Electronic Cigarette Review said,

    There is a new site to focus specifically on electronic cigarette reviews found at that should help users better evaluation their options when it comes to electronic smoking devices. There seems to be more brands and types every day.

  3. Luxury said,

    Njoy makes a great e-cigarette and you can enter NJDEAL20 (case sensitive) during checkout to receive 20% off all products and accessories.

  4. Luxury said,

    OOps forgot to list the link and use NJDEAL20

  5. Karen said,

    My husband smoked 2 and half packs of cigarettes a day and had tried everything to quit, but unsuccessfully. He researched many brands but decided to give ecig neverlight a try. He hasn’t totally stopped smoking yet, but is down to about a half a pack a day and is already breathing better and coughing less and he’s only had it about 2 to 3 weeks. And it really has saved us a lot of money. The website is

  6. Damian said,

    I’ve been told you can smoke this anywhere? wont people get annoyed with me if i smoke this say in the plane or in the mall or even say in the cinema?

    Please will someone let me know what the non-smokers have to say about this product?
    Contact me at

  7. James C said,

    I just bought one of these e-cigarettes. I LOVE IT. I can smoke it in the house, in the movies, ANYWHERE! I have been cigarette free for 3 days now, which may not sound like a big deal but for a person who smoked a pack a day thats huge! My only problem is that I don’t know if the replacement cartridges will come quick enough!!! Stupid me didn’t order more cartridges than it came with, but if need be a few cigs are better than a pack a day! I LOVE IT! I FEEL BETTER! BREATHE BETTER! ITS AWESOME!!!! HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED!

  8. alyhea housley said,

    i hanove had n joy for about 4 months havent smoked a cigarett since feel much better no complaints at all thanks althea

  9. El Cigaretter said,

    Although it’s an old thread. I would like to tell a little udbrening from the Danish society :). Researching Ring shows that these new trend electrical smoke. Is just as harmful as normal cigarettes? You can read more about it on the groom ::) just think people should stop smoking in front of their children 🙂

  10. kirk said,

    try this supplier

  11. Smithg486 said,

    I really like your writing style, great info, thank you for putting up gbckgdeabd

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